Rabu, 11 Agustus 2010

"yangti and yangkung"

i'm in jogja now.my grandma and grandpa's house.i call them "yangti and yangkung".
yangkung had been sick for 5 years, he suffered duminution of brain tissue. 5 years ago he just had a senile,but after a long time he only could say "panas-panas,tindak-tindak,alhamdulillah,and oke".doctor said that "yangkung" was using his brain redundantly,but after retirement he rarely to use his brain to think hardly.Used to "yangkung" was a teacher in SMADA Surabaya,he was an art teacher.I hope God give him a power,give him spirit to fight his disease.and can live with yangti untill the time separate them.amin

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